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Maestro Jay before a class in San Jose, CA.

Maestro Jay trainied and taught at TKD Master Jay Auen's Dojang in Sane Jose, CA called "All Sport Karate." Here, Master Jay Auen poses with his Pretty wife and FMA student Michael Long (in his Halloween costume).

Maestro Jay and several of his senior students trained with Grand Master Nes Fernandez of Daly City, his cousin.  GM Fernandez's mother, Constantina De Leon Fernandez and Maestro Jay's Father were second cousins from Binmaley, Pangasinan.

L to R.  FFA student Noah Harders, Maestro Jay, Silat Master "Uncle Bill," Willem De Thouars, and FFA student Jeremiah Stanley.

Maestro Jay and Senior Student Ruben Torres perform a demo at the grand opening of Sensei Emil Valdez's Shotokan School in South San Francisco, CA.

Maestro Jay and several students perform at the grand opening of TKD Master Riz Angel's Dojang in San Jose, CA.  Here, Maestro Jay punishes favorite demo partner Ruben Torres with a knife disarm and wristrlock.

Junior students Michaell Long and Mitch De Leon show off their deadliest techniques.

FFA's youngest student, Mitch De Leon, practices his single stick techniques on the school's Arnis wooden and steel dummy.

Front Row, L to R: FFA students Nestor Capulong, Maestro Jay and Mark Anthony Meditz.
Back Row: L to R: FFA Senior Students David Pfeiffer and Bill Kenefick.  These two students and Ruben Torres were the most senior students in San Jose, attaining the rank of brown belt.

FFA student Jeremiah Stanley (extreme R) poses with workout partners and fellow members of the "United Self-Defense Group," Mike and Noelle.

Maestro Jay's farewell party given by his students. Maestro Jay moved to Orange County a couple of days after this picture was taken.